About Kailos Genetics

Through a combination of scientific and technological innovations, Kailos Genetics is advancing genetic testing with its leading-edge professional products and services for clinicians and researchers. Kailos also draws upon this deep experience to make genetic testing accessible and affordable to consumers.

Founded in 2010 and based in Huntsville’s HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, Kailos has a diversified business model built upon proven, proprietary testing technology that provides affordable, medically relevant genetic testing. Kailos’ professional partners –hospitals, physicians, labs and pharmacies – can either purchase the company’s next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology or they can outsource testing directly to Kailos. Consumer testing provides an additional facet to a robust revenue stream.

Kailos| Professional

Kailos Genetics provides research and medical professionals with a comprehensive range of technology, products and services based upon its complete clinical solution for NGS. These solutions are based upon Kailos’ proprietary TargetRich™ technology, which enables highly accurate and scalable testing, and the Kailos Blue end-to-end software suite. Kailos also provides products for research use and reference lab services.


Kailos believes that everyone should have quick, ethical and affordable access to the information contained in their genes. The convenient Kailos test requires no needles or waiting rooms and delivers easy-to-read health reports that provide useful information to consumers and their physicians. Kailos Genetics gives patients the power to make decisions about their health with more confidence and insight. Learn more.