There’s no relief when your body does not respond to heartburn medicines

Heartburn relief should not fade quickly. But if it does, changes in your genes could be the cause. Not getting relief from stomach acid often comes from taking the wrong amount of medicine or from genes not using medicine correctly. Genetic testing with Kailos lets you find out what stomach acid reducers work for you so you can get relief faster.

How Kailos can help you

With the Kailos test, you will know how your body responds to heartburn medicines. Knowing how your genes respond to stomach acid reducers lets you adjust the amount and type of medication you are taking to experience long lasting relief. At Kailos Genetics, we sequence your DNA and compare it to clinical study data to find which medicines and amounts are right for you.

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Why would I respond differently?

Medicines like Prevacid (lansoprazole), Prilosec (omeprazole), and Protonix (pantoprazole) — known as proton pump inhibitors (sometimes called PPIs) — treat conditions caused by too much stomach acid. A single gene found in your cells, called “CYP2C19,” tells your body to break down (metabolize) stomach acid reducers like Prevacid, so the medicine can help treat heartburn, heal stomach ulcers, or fight certain infections that raise your risk of ulcers. Some people have special forms of the gene “CYP2C19.” This means that your body may metabolize stomach acid reducers faster than normal. By using the medicine too quickly, you may need a higher dose in order to treat your stomach condition.

Find out how your body uses heartburn medicine based on your genes, order today!

Stomach Acid Reducers, $149 $99

Did you know?

Not every doctor will test your genes to see how stomach acid reducers will work for you. Getting tested is your decision. By getting your Kailos test you can feel more confident about what to expect from your treatment.