Birth control pills and genetics may increase the risk for blood clot formation

Oral contraceptives, or birth control pills, carry a slight risk of blood clot formation for any woman taking them (see FDA: Birth Control Short-Acting Hormonal Methods ). Research has shown that for some women, this risk is much higher because of changes in their DNA. Commonly prescribed for preventing pregnancy, they can also be prescribed to reduce pain and symptoms of depression; however, blood clots can cause permanent disability or death. Changes in two genes, known as Factor II and Factor V, are reported in scientific studies to play a role in increased risk of blood clot formation.

How Kailos can help you

With the Kailos test, you will discover what DNA changes have been shown to be related to increased risks of blood clot formation. If you are just beginning to utilize contraception, this information can be information that a treating physician incorporates into the selection process. At Kailos Genetics, we sequence DNA and compare it to research and clinical study data so a physician can make genetics a part of their decision making.

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Why would I respond differently?

Birth control pills are commonly prescribed for preventing pregnancy. They can also be prescribed to reduce pain and symptoms of depression. If you have changes in your genes, “Factor II” or “Factor V”, you may be at an increased risk for blood clots which can lead to serious side effects such as greater risk for heart attack or stroke.

Did you know?

The Amercian College of Medical Genetics suggests that women taking birth control pills should get tested in order to avoid their risk of serious blood clots. See recommendations #2 & #3 within the American College of Medical Genetics Consensus Statement on Factor V Leiden Mutation Testing.

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