Birth control pills may put you at an increased risk for blood clots

Birth control pills carry a slight risk of blood clots for any woman who takes them. However, for some women, this risk is much higher because of changes in their DNA. These blood clots can cause permanent disability or death. If you have the Factor V gene then the pill is not recommend for you because it could cause serious side effects. Find out how your body uses birth control pills so you can select the best form of medication.

How Kailos can help you

With the Kailos test, you will know how much you are at risk of developing blood clots when taking certain birth control pills. For those starting birth control, this can help you find the right treatment from the beginning. If you are already using oral contraceptives, genetic testing can help you find what problems can arise after surgery or during treatment with other drugs. At Kailos Genetics, we sequence your DNA and compare it to clinical study data to find out if you have a higher risk for developing blood clots.

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Why would I respond differently?

Birth control pills are commonly prescribed for preventing pregnancy. They can also be prescribed to reduce pain and symptoms of depression. If you have changes in your genes, “Factor II” or “Factor V”, you are at an increased risk for blood clots which can lead to serious side effects such as greater risk for heart attack or stroke. That’s why it’s important to learn how your body uses birth control pills.

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Oral Contraceptives, $149 $99

Did you know?

Doctors won’t always order a genetic test for you before prescribing birth control. Getting tested is up to you. The American College of Medical Genetics suggests that women taking birth control pills should get tested in order to avoid their risk of serious blood clots. By getting your Kailos test you can feel more confident that your birth control pills minimize your risk of serious blood clots .

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