March 30th, 2016

Is Your ADHD Medication Effective? The Answer May Lie In Your Genes

As I’ve watched friends go through diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, I’m always struck by how complicated the condition is. ADHD is defined as having one or more of these behaviors: Inattention Hyperactivity Impulsivity Some people may only have one of these behaviors, while others have all three. It’s easy to see that trying to treat someone who has a hard time focusing (inattention) is different than what would be prescribed for someone who has seemingly endless energy (hyperactivity/... [+]
March 18th, 2016

Precision Medicine Initiative: What It Means For You

It’s been just more than a year since President Obama launched the Precision Medicine Initiative – a program designed to help physicians, patients and researchers better understand how their genetics, environment and lifestyle influence overall health. The Precision Medicine Initiative, while still young, has the power to be a game changer for patients and the entire healthcare industry. The program is expected to offer a “tool bag” of sorts to use when diagnosing and treating diseases — such... [+]