Blue Analytic Solutions

Blue Analytic Solutions

Kailos Blue Analytic Solutions provide laboratories with access to the industry’s most advanced computing and analysis infrastructure. Built on a cloud-based, pay-as-you-go model, Blue analytic solutions are used for:

  • Workflow Management
  • Sequence analysis
  • Variant identification
  • Quality assessment

Designed to deliver deep data access, Blue combines the ability to quickly assess performance and results with the flexibility to dive deeper into any sample. Get easy access to the data-rich NGS results to satisfy every user’s level of use and knowledge.

Blue gives you sequence analysis from alignment to variant calling. You can directly import sequence data from Illumina BaseSpace™ for analysis with BWA, GATK and a suite of proprietary tools for analysis of unique molecular identifiers and association with public data repositories.

Manage your TargetRich laboratory workflow with a specialized lightweight LIMS built into Blue Analytics. Lab technicians will be more productive using the step-by-step automated calculations that provide specific guidance for reagent addition or combination. An optimal interface with portable bluetooth scanners ensure accurate lot and sample tracking.

Get easy access to quality assessment for individual samples, entire sequencing runs, concordance against control samples, sequencing error rates and much more to provide insights at all levels. Blue integrates with your existing reporting solution, out-sourced reporting service or Kailos Blue Reporting Solutions.

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