Will testing put my privacy at risk?

Kailos protects your privacy

Kailos Genetics is committed to keeping your genetic information private. We do not share genetic test results with anyone except you and your doctor. We will never make your Kailos test results public. And we don’t rent or sell your genetic information to other businesses; we don’t pass your genetic information to your health insurance company or your employer, either.

When you get your genes tested, your privacy is also protected in other ways. Your privacy is protected by a law called the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008. The law says employers and health insurance companies are not allowed to discriminate against you because of what you find in your genetic tests. For example, the law says:

  • Health insurance companies are not permitted to use your genetic information to decide whether or not to give you health coverage
  • Your employer is not permitted to fire you or make decisions about your salary or position because of your genetic information
  • Also, health insurance companies and employers can’t make you take a genetic test if you don’t want to

You can learn more by reading about the law here.

Even with these protections, be careful before sharing your test results with anyone. The law may not prohibit every instance of discrimination. Consult a lawyer before sharing your test results with anyone besides your doctor, just to make sure your privacy is protected.