Making healthcare about YOU

In 2003, a very important piece of research called the “Human Genome Project” was completed. This research examined human DNA, the biological instructions that make each person unique. This research attempted to understand all of the sections of DNA, called genes, and what they do within a person’s body. Until recently, medical researchers have mainly been the ones using this information (such as to develop new drugs or improve their understanding of genetic disorders). 

Today, Kailos is making gene-based healthcare available to YOU by using information learned from the Human Genome Project. Our simple testing process (no needles, no waiting rooms) and easy-to-read health reports give you the power to make decisions about your health with more confidence.

How will gene-based testing help you?

Your genes matter. The information contained in them can help you and your doctors make important decisions about your health. Kailos provides gene-based tests in order to help you understand what diseases you may develop later in life, or even what conditions or traits you may pass on to your children. To learn what Kailos offers, choose from the following:

Did you know?

Scientists think there are about 20,000 genes in the human body - not all of them are important to your health. Using their knowledge of the important ones, Kailos can help you understand how your genes can impact your health.