Understanding your Kailos pharmacogenetics report

Your Kailos report will tell you and your doctor about the different changes found in your DNA and how they relate to the current research on drug metabolism. Your Patient Card is a convenient card that you can carry with you and have on hand in case of an emergency, or doctors’ request. It will provide a link to a personalized website so you can quickly and easily share your results with new doctors.

Here are some of the things you will learn from your Kailos report:

  • What you are being tested for
  • What changes were found in your DNA (aka your genotype)
  • What the results mean, for example: what are my risks of developing a variety of cancer types and what does the research community say about how my genotype is related to the metabolism of a variety of medications

What your Kailos report will not tell you

Genetic tests will not tell you if you have a disease or medical condition. Your Kailos report does not diagnose or treat any disease. It tells you the types of genes you have, which can tell you your risk (likelihood) of getting a disease or having complications from certain medicines. That’s why it’s important to discuss your results with your doctor.  

For example, if your Kailos report shows you have a higher risk for getting a certain disease or having complications from your medicine, you could feel anxious or upset. You may want to stop taking your medicine - but don’t! It’s important to continue taking your medicine as your doctor prescribes. Talk with your doctor before making any changes to your medicine.

Your Kailos report might also tell you that you have a lower risk for a certain disease or condition. That doesn’t mean you are “safe” from getting that disease.

Just because you have a risk for something does not mean it will happen. Your doctor is the best person to talk to about your test results. Together you can make smart decisions to better manage your health.

Help is available if you need it. Just call 1-866-833-6865 toll-free to speak with a Kailos test consultant about your test results.