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With gene-based testing, you can find out your risk for getting diseases such as glaucoma, cancer, or medical conditions like high cholesterol.

You need to know if you have a higher risk so you can take steps today to get the most effective treatment—or even lower your risk of developing some diseases. For example, people who find out they have a higher risk for colon cancer may get tested for the cancer at an earlier age. People who have a higher risk for developing high cholesterol can talk with their doctor about ways to avoid the condition altogether (such as changing what they eat). That could make a big difference for your long-term health.

Now available: Cancer Screening

Determine if you carry BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations, which are strong risk indicators for breast and ovarian cancer. Together, according to the CDC, BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations account for 20% to 25% of hereditary breast cancers. The Kailos test will also test for changes in 21 additional genes to inform you about risks associated with breast, ovarian, colon, and endometrial (uterine) cancers.

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Cancer Screening, $225

Now available: PGxComplete

Ranging from pain treatments to cardiac medications to antidepressants, you will never be without the knowledge of how medications work for YOU. Purchase today to find out how you respond to 50 different medicines.

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PGxComplete, $299

Coming soon: Glaucoma & AMD tests

Did you know?

Screening of several genes can change the way your care will be managed. This Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) Oncology study indicates that you will find more people with increased risk of developing cancer and, in most cases, this will lead to a change in care. A change in care could include starting mammograms up to 10 years earlier, screening more often or prophylactic interventions.

Kailos will soon be launching gene-based testing for many different health conditions.

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