New Hire Moves Huntsville-Based Kailos Genetics One Step Closer To Putting Genetics Into Practice

HUNTSVILLE, AL: Kailos Genetics, a company focused on putting genetics into practice through its proprietary targeted enrichment technology, today announced the hiring of David A. Kloske.

Kloske has over twenty years experience developing software products. Most recently he was Director of IT and Software Development at ThermoFischer Scientific, where he directed all development for the Life Sciences Research Division.

Brian Pollock, Kailos Genetics’ CEO, commented “Dave brings a proven record of success – both in achieving results at the start-up level, to leading division level projects within billion dollar companies. He’s a great additionto Kailos Genetics, and one that moves us one step closer to our mission of putting genetics into practice by developing novel back-end cloud based informatics tools.”

Kailos Genetics’ Chief Technical Officer, Randy Bachmeyer, offered: “While a new face to Kailos Genetics, several of us have had the chance to workside by side with Dave prior to Kailos.” Bachmeyer added: “Its great to have a ‘known entity’ and one that brings so much talent in system development and cloud-based computing leading our informatics design and development.” David joined Kailos Genetics September 26, 2011.

About Kailos Genetics

Kailos Genetics licensed a proprietary targeted enrichment technology from Washington University in St. Louis in 2010. This novel method for highlymultiplexed targeting of regions of the genome for deep sequencing is the most scalable on the market today, and is simple to implement. It is the first method that couples multiplex PCR with sample-specific DNA barcodes and next-generation sequencing to enable highly multiplex mutation discovery in candidate genes for multiple samples in parallel. For more information, visit

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