New Data Sets Kailos Genetics Targeted Enrichment Platform Apart

Huntsville, AL: Kailos Genetics, a company focused on putting genetics into practice through its proprietary targeted enrichment technology, announced today that it will attend the 30th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference to announce results from its fourth quarter R&D initiatives.

Brian Pollock, Kailos Genetics CEO, commented: “While we saw early interest in this proprietary targeted enrichment technology, our goal this quarter as a company was to optimize our platform’s performance – both in terms of the number of unique amplicons that could be tested in a single tube, to reducing workflow time – while maintaining the high specificity seen with this technology. JP Morgan provides us an opportunity to update the many companies that have engaged us in discussions to date.”

Mike Walters, Kailos Genetic Chief Strategy Officer, added: “We believe that it is also time to update the market on our commercial readiness, so this forum will also enable us to detail our plans for the commercial launch of this platform at the first of the year. Q4 has been very productive. It’s now time to move from a R&D company to a commercial entity.”

For information about meeting with Kailos Genetics, please contact either Brian Pollock or Mike Walters at (256) 327-9800, or request by email at

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