Links to support and resources

Our genetic experts have located several websites that may help you learn more about getting your genes tested and what to expect. Kailos Genetics does not run these websites and is not responsible for their content:

PharmGKB: The Pharmacogenomics Knowledgebase

The PharmGKB is an online library that includes information such as medicine dosing guidelines, drug labels, possible gene-drug associations, and genotype-phenotype relationships. This library is free and available to the public.

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI): ClinVar

The NCBI allows people to have access to ClinVar to learn more about their genetic health. ClinVar is a free, public library of information and reports about the relationships among human gene changes.

Johns Hopkins University: OMIM

The Johns Hopkins-owned OMIM® tool is a free, online catalog of human genes and genetic disorders. People can search OMIM to learn about their genotypes and how those genotypes may physically appear or present themselves.


DrugBank is a free, publicly available database that people can search to learn about specific medicines and how their genes and body may metabolize or react to them.