Your genes affect how your medications work. Find out how.

For medicines to work, your body needs to metabolize them correctly (change them into a form your body can use). Certain variations in your DNA can cause these medicines to work very slowly. For example, in cases where you need pain relief and your body breaks down codeine slowly, you will not get the relief you need in time, or at all.

Other times, variations in your DNA can cause medicines to be used very quickly. In our pain medicine example, some children have overdosed on the ‘normal’ dosage of codeine because the medicine worked too fast!

The Kailos test tells you which medicines will work the best for you and which ones will not.

Are you taking any of the medicines below? Get tested and find out if you are taking the right medicines for you!

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Kailos tests 20 different classes of medications to reveal how your body responds to more than 50 different medicines. This can give you and your physician the information needed to make the best decisions for your treatment. PGxComplete brings together all of the individual Kailos tests — ranging from pain treatments to cardiac medications to antidepressants — plus many more into one report that can be used and shared throughout your lifetime. Never be without the knowledge of how medicines work for YOU.

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Treating ADHD isn’t always easy. The Kailos test helps you find out how you or your child will respond to ADHD medicines and how much is medicine is right for you. This helps you get the right treatment to better manage ADHD and side effects you may be experiencing.

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Your DNA affects whether medicines like Celexa (citalopram), Paxil (paroxetine), or Effexor (venlafaxine) work for you. The Kailos test can help you figure out which antidepressants are right for you, and if your dosage should be raised or lowered. This information can help you and your doctor find a treatment that works, sooner.

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Breast cancer survivors are often treated with tamoxifen to prevent the return of their tumors. But, if you have certain gene mutations in your DNA, tamoxifen may not work for you—allowing your breast cancer to return. If your Kailos test shows tamoxifen will not help you, your doctor may give you a different medicine instead.

Get tested today and know if tamoxifen is working for you! It could save your life.

Pain Management

Finding the right medicine to control pain shouldn’t happen after surgery, an accident, or having a baby. Pain management medicines like codeine, oxycodone, and valium work for some people, but others often feel little or no effect, or relief for a very short amount of time. This could be a sign that your genes are affecting how your body uses the medicine.

Getting tested now means you can find what medicine will give you the relief you need before you need it.


Your doctor prescribes Plavix (clopidogrel) to prevent life-threatening blood clots, heart attack, or stroke. There are certain genes that keep Plavix from working for your body. The Kailos test will let you know if your genes will break down Plavix the right way. If your body is not able to use Plavix to prevent another heart attack, your doctor will likely switch you to a different treatment.

Find out now if Plavix is working to prevent a heart attack.

Stomach Acid Reducers

Too much stomach acid is a problem for many people, and some people have a hard time finding the medicine that works for their body. The Kailos test can help you learn if common stomach medicines, such as Prevacid (lansoprazole) and Prilosec (omeprazole), are able to give you the relief you need.

Based on your DNA results, your doctor may change your medicine or dose. Get tested to find out which medicine will work best for you!

Oral Contraceptives

Some women have inherited an increased risk for a serious blood clotting condition called thrombophilia. Combining this high risk condition with birth control pills could lead to serious blood clots, and potentially death. The Kailos test helps you find out if you are at a higher risk for developing serious blood clots when taking birth control pills.

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Did you know?

The FDA, which approves all medicines in the US, lists over 150 different medicines that may work differently depending on your genes. If you’re taking a medicine like Plavix (clopidogrel), tamoxifen, or birth control pills, your medicine may not be working as planned. The Kailos test can tell you how your genes work with medicines like these.

Don’t see a condition or medicine listed here? We will be launching Kailos tests for many different medicines in the coming months.

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