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For many medications to work, they need to be metabolized, or changed into a form where they have an effect. Certain variations in DNA limit the effect of some medications. For example, some pain medications have to be activated in order for a patient to feel the relief. Alternatively, different DNA changes can cause pain medications to reach the patients system more rapidly than expected, in rare cases leading to an overdose with the ‘normal’ dosage.

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This test is a combination of all the individual tests listed below. It is a deep look at approximately 20 different classes of therapeutics that includes over 50 different specific medications such as pain treatments to cardiac medications to antidepressants among otherAll of this information is brought together into a series of reports that are clear and understandable.

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Breast Cancer Prevention

Pain Management

Cardiac Event Prevention

Did you know?

The FDA, which approves all medicines in the US, lists over 150 different medicines that may work differently depending on genetic changes. You can find their current listing at the FDA website: Table of Pharmacogenomic Biomarkers in Drug Labeling.

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