About Kailos

The future of healthcare is available—now

Founded in 2010, Kailos is a trusted provider of personalized health information. We are dedicated to making gene-based healthcare available to YOU by using information learned from the Human Genome Project.

Our company is based at the HudsonAlpha Institute in Huntsville, AL, site of the fourth-largest research park in the world. Here we created TargetRich™, an advanced technology that enables Kailos analysts to quickly separate genes of interest from unimportant background DNA. This innovation has led to a new level of speed and effectiveness in next-generation gene sequencing.

With the launch of our Kailos test, we’re bringing these benefits to consumers. Our simple testing process (no needles, no waiting rooms) and easy-to-read health reports give you the power to make decisions about your health with more confidence.

We have numerous gene-based tests currently in development, including a carrier screening test for parents and tests covering all major medical conditions. Our leadership team includes several of the original scientists from the Human Genome Project, Kailos’ mission means we are dedicated to making healthcare about YOU.

“We felt it was time consumers had an easy and affordable way to understand what’s in their genes. Health information is power.” – Troy Moore, Chief Scientific Officer