Plavix will not work for 1 in every 6 people. Find out if it works for you.

Plavix is used for preventing heart attacks, strokes, and certain types of blood clots. However, Plavix does not work for all gene types and can lead to serious side effects. If you are taking Plavix and have changes in one gene, you have greater than 3 times the risk of having another heart attack, stroke, or even death. Genetic testing with Kailos lets you know what type of genes you have so you can avoid harmful side effects and receive the best treatment for your body.

How Kailos can help you

With the Kailos test, you will know how your body responds to Plavix. For those currently being treated, this can reveal if you are benefiting from Plavix, or if you should consider other medicines. If you are thinking about taking Plavix, genetic testing can show you how your body will break down Plavix before you need treatment. At Kailos Genetics, we sequence your DNA and compare it to clinical study data to find out if you will get results with Plavix.

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Why would I respond differently?

There is a special gene called “CYP2C19” found in your DNA. This gene tells your body to use (metabolize) Plavix so the medicine can work to protect you from blood clots, chest pain, heart attacks and strokes. If you have changes in this gene that cause metabolizing Plavix to slow down, you get less or no protection at all. Know if your body uses Plavix the right way so you can be protected from harmful side effects.

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Plavix, $299 $99

Did you know?

Your doctor may not test your genes before you start Plavix to see how it will work for you. Getting tested is up to you. The FDA and the makers of Plavix (clopidogrel) do recommend testing to learn how your body breaks down and uses Plavix. By getting your Kailos test you can feel more confident about what to expect from your Plavix treatment.

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