QUIZ: Are You At Risk of Hereditary Cancer?

By kailos Genetics on February 17th, 2016

A family history of cancer can be unnerving. If your grandmother had breast cancer, does that mean you will, too? The answer to that question isn’t clear. While family history can play a role in gauging your personal risk, it doesn’t tell the whole story since each person’s genetic makeup is unique. So what can you do to fully understand your risk? Genetic testing can help.

Taking the Quiz

Using the secured portal below, take a brief quiz to understand whether or not you might be at increased risk for hereditary cancer. Once your results are submitted, our experienced genetic counselors will review your answers and contact you to discuss the results. Based on your background, they will let you know you might want to consider genetic testing.

Although a genetic test can’t predict whether or not you will get cancer, it can help you understand if your risk of developing diseases in the future. You and your doctor can use this information to support your health.

Make the first step in understanding your health by taking our quiz.