Introducing an Easy Way to Share Your Health Information

Meet TapGenes, our newest partner

Kailos has partnered with TapGenes, which shares our commitment to empower patients with health information – from genetic to phenotypic data. TapGenes’ focus on helping you understand your family health history, coupled with the information about your genes gleaned from the Kailos test, can help people to live longer, healthier lives.

Sharing Family Health Information

TapGenes lets you create an online family tree with important health information – including your genetic test results – that can be easily shared with your family, whether they are in the next room or across the country. This shared information opens the door to conversations about family health and can lead to important discoveries like, “I never knew Aunt Sally had breast cancer when she was younger.”

You can also use TapGenes to provide health information to your doctor, school nurse, or even a babysitter – and choose what information each person can see.

Using Knowledge to Thrive

You and your family will benefit from working together collaboratively to better understand shared health risks and plan for the future, whether that includes starting a new family, deciding on a treatment pathway or thinking about retirement.

Studies show that people struggling with chronic health issues or trying to make significant behavioral changes have better outcomes when the whole family works together. 

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