Target Enrichment

Target Enrichment

Kailos Genetics’ patented target enrichment technology combines with next generation sequencing (NGS) systems to deliver superior results. With key features such as an addition-only, single-tube protocol, the TargetRichTM reagents are employed to ensure an easy and manageable workflow in a clinical laboratory that is reproducible and highly accurate.

Kailos Genetics enables sequencing of specific regions of a patient’s genome, whether this requires analysis of single base-pair changes (SNPs), deletions, or insertions. Kailos Genetics uses smart design rules, only capturing and sequencing the areas of specific interest for a given clinical question. This allows laboratories to utilize sequencing capacity very efficiently, consolidating more patient samples per sequencing run. This in turn can provide significant cost savings, test menu expansion and a reduction in turn around times.

Through this innovative target enrichment method, Kailos Genetics is creating solutions that address the challenges that laboratories face when seeking to bring next generation sequencing test development in-house. Contact us today to learn more at

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Target Enrichment Solutions