TargetRich™ is a proprietary targeted enrichment solution from Kailos Genetics. TargetRich requires just one tube from start to finish. This easy, addition-only workflow (no transfers, no multi-channel pipetting and no centrifugation) requires just a little over an hour of hands-on time.

Using a technology that can simultaneously select many target regions across multiple samples, TargetRich maximizes throughput capacity for next-generation sequencing (NGS). TargetRich achieves a high level of specificity through two rounds of target-specific directing and employs clean-up steps to remove any off-target products. This high level of specificity enables TargetRich to efficiently use sequencer capacity and delivers results at a low cost per targeted base pair.

Kailos has tested a wide variety of research samples, including:

  • Circulating cell free DNA samples
  • Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples tested for oncology panel development
  • Saliva, oral rinse, blood and buccal swabs routinely utilized

The TargetRich Difference

  • Single tube – one tube, start to finish
  • Easy workflow – just a little over an hour of hands-on time
  • Addition-only protocol – supports scalability and automation
  • Low DNA input – 80 ng – 250ng of starting material
  • Rapid new panel design and validation

TargetRich custom designs provide the coverage critical to your research success, enabling you to effectively target the regions you desire while delivering the results you need.

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