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Inspexion™ Pharmacogenetic Testing Service

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Pharmacogenetics is the study of how variations in genes affect the way medication is metabolized or processed in an individual. Understanding the specific differences in a patient's genes can assist physicians in choosing the safest, most effective medications and dosages based on each person's unique physiology. Our Inspexion™ Pharmacogenetic Testing Service utilizes next generation sequencing to deliver the highest quality and most comprehensive pharmacogenetics information available today.

What's in the Kit?

Sample collection is easy and painless. Simply rub the inside of your cheek
with the sterile swab included in the collection kit and mail the swabs
to Kailos Genetics in the provided envelope. Results are released
to you and your physician within two weeks of sample receipt.

Genes Included in the Inspexion™ Pharmacogenetic Testing Service
Inspexion Genes

Areas of impact - Mental Health, Gastrointestinal, Pain Management, Oncology, Cardiology, HIV/AIDS and more.

Medications should never be adjusted based on pharmacogenetic testing results without first consulting your healthcare professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of your biological parents will have the same DNA change that you possess.  Any offspring of that affected parent has a 50% chance of inheriting that change.  Your biological children also have a 50% chance of inheriting that change.

The Inspexion™ Pharmacogenetic Test will tell your physician whether or not you have specific variations in any clinically relevant regions of 19 different pharmacogenes. Your physician will explain how any variations you possess can affect your care.

Your physician will receive a report noting your specific variation and what metabolic status that change confers.

Knowing how your genetics affects the breakdown of certain medications can aid your physician in making informed decisions for your care.

We use recommendations from scientifically curated resources such as the Clinical Pharmacogenetic Implementation Consortium (CPIC).

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