If you don’t have a doctor to review your Kailos results

Working with a doctor is an important part of getting your genes tested. The FDA, which regulates testing, requires that you get a doctor’s approval before seeing your Kailos results. What if you don’t have a doctor, or your doctor doesn’t want to be involved, or you don’t want to share your results with your doctor for some reason?

Kailos Genetics is here to help.

If you’d like to have another doctor approve your test results, Kailos can provide one for you. We have several doctors who are experts at understanding genetic tests. To ask for a Kailos doctor, put a check in the box next to “I do not have access to a physician to authorize this test” when you order your Kailos test from the test catalog page. A Kailos test consultant will call you to discuss what happens next.

Help is available if you need it. Just call 1-866-833-6865 toll-free to speak with a Kailos test consultant.