How is my doctor involved?

Your doctor plays an important role when you get your genes tested. You must get your doctor’s approval in order to view your Kailos test results. This is because your test could uncover a serious medical risk, and your doctor is the best person to discuss your options with you.

That’s why Kailos makes it easy to get your doctor’s approval. You don’t need an office visit to take your Kailos test. Simply order your test online through our test catalog. When you mail your swab back to us, we will contact your doctor by phone and by fax to get approval. Usually, we get your doctor’s approval by the time your Kailos results are ready. A copy of your Kailos results will be available for both you and your doctor to review. You should always discuss your results with your doctor.

What if my doctor refuses to approve my test?

Sometimes, we may not be able to get approval from your doctor to share your Kailos results with you. We will let you know if this happens, so you can talk with your doctor directly to get approval. Often, that solves the problem quickly. In some cases, your doctor may not want to be involved with genetic testing. If your doctor will not approve your Kailos test, you have two choices:

  • Work with a different doctor. Give us your other doctor’s name and contact information so we can request approval
  • Cancel your test. If your doctor won’t approve your test, we will give you a full refund