Your Genetic Health Benefit Program


Fueled by a creative and health conscious generation, the workforce is more diverse than ever. Providing your employees with the ability to utilize their genetics is a great way to improve their overall health. Much like weight loss and smoking cessation incentives, a genetic insights program can have short- and long-term benefits to your employees and your company.

The Kailos Genetic Health Benefit Program accommodates small, medium and large companies with diverse corporate cultures. Kailos will work directly with your company to create the best plan for you and your employees. Here are some sample plans to consider:

  1. Sample plan #1: In this example, a large corporation enables employees and their immediate family members to undergo PGx and hereditary cancer screening with a 50% subsidy of the cost. Between June and August (or any months designated), they can redeem their unique code for one or more genetic tests, paying only 50% of the cost at checkout.
  2. Sample plan #2: In this scenario, a mid-sized company provides employees and their spouses hereditary cancer screening with a 75% subsidy of the cost. Anytime during the year, when they are ready, the employee and spouse can redeem their code paying just 25% of the cost at checkout.
  3. Sample plan #3: For this plan, we look at a small company that has 30 employees. The company covers 100% of the employee’s hereditary cancer screening.

Who Benefits From Your Genetic Health Benefit Program

It’s obvious that your employees receive benefits from knowing whether or not they, or someone they love, are at increased risk for breast, ovarian, colon or pancreatic cancers. With this knowledge, they can proactively go to screenings and be alert to early signs of problems.

Did you know that your company will benefit too? While you don’t get to see the actual test results (since this data is private healthcare information), you do get a workforce that is less likely to be out on leave while recovering from surgery or radiation treatments. Who knows, you might see an increase in creativity from the new designer who lived in fear of developing breast cancer because her mom had a BRCA mutation; finding out that she doesn’t have that same mutation frees her mind and spirit to further enhance her creativity.

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Did you know?

Nearly 62% of Americans are interested in genetic testing and 58% of parents were interested in genetic testing for their families.

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