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Personalized medicine is a model that proposes the customization of healthcare – with medical decisions, practices, and products being tailored to the individual patient. Knowledge of a person’s genetics has played a central role in certain aspects of personalized medicine.


Just as genes contribute to whether you will be tall or short, black-haired or blond, genes also determine how individuals respond to certain medicines. Pharmacogenetics looks for genetic-related differences that affect how patients will metabolize certain medications.


Pharmacogenetic testing is becoming a standard for many physicians in patient care, providing a new benchmark in their management of each individual.  For patients who metabolize drugs quickly, a typical dose may be ineffective, while patients who break down drugs more slowly…(Read More)


Laboratories could experience further reductions in reimbursement in 2014.  With cuts of an additional 50-70% if the proposed rule goes into effect, for many technologies, the cost to run the test will exceed reimbursement.  Today, technology matters. 


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