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Reveal the power encoded in your genes. Kailos makes it possible.

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We make genetic information affordable and accessible to everyone

Kailos provides a wide range of services, including individual genetic testing
and scientific solutions for your organization.

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There are few aspects of your health that aren’t directly affected by your genes. At Kailos, we understand the impact genetic analysis can have on the well-being of both you and your family. Discover why so many patients are choosing to personalize their healthcare with Kailos.

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Kailos Genetics Impact
Our Impact - Personalized Medicine
Our Impact - Improved Health
Our Impact - Healthcare Savings

Kailos Genetics has over 10 years experience in genetic analysis and sequencing.

Personalized medicine helps to inform your physician and help them develop a customized treatment plan.

Genetic screening can identify an at risk person for enhanced screening for a variety of inherited diseases.

Precision medicine has been shown to save healthcare systems and patients money.

Which Test is Right for You?
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Expedio™ Hereditary Cancer Test

Understand the link between your genetics and your cancer risk.

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Inspexion™ Pharmacogenetic Test

Your genes may affect your metabolism of some medication types.

COVID-19 Testing with Assure™
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Assure Sentinel™ Program

Customizable, routine, affordable testing of your entire workforce to ensure workplace safety and productivity.

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