Blue Reporting Solutions

Blue Reporting Solutions

Kailos Blue Reporting Solutions, the industry’s most advanced reporting infrastructure, incorporates a variety of integrated report generation services. An addition to Kailos Blue Analytic Solutions, Blue Reporting is built on a cloud-based, pay-as-you-go model, allowing laboratories to upgrade their reporting capabilities without capital investments.

By integrating high-quality genotypes with concise annotation from the most comprehensive public repositories of genomic variation, Blue Reporting generates clear, concise reports of genotypes’ effects on human health.


Kailos designed Blue Reporting to deliver actionable information from its variant-specific summaries. Whether it is predicting cancer risk or what reaction to expect from a medication, Blue Reports highlight the information needed to understand and apply sequencing-based results.

With options for branding, single lab cloud instances and report formats, Kailos Blue Reporting Solutions can be as unique as your laboratory.

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