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Kailos Genetics makes it easy! We have taken a complex technology and made it approachable and usable in clinical labs.

Next-generation sequencing, also known as high-throughput sequencing, lowers the cost of DNA sequencing while improving the functionality of tests. Analyzing this complex data and reporting it in a compliant way can often be frustrating and difficult for labs. Kailos Genetics understands this process and has reduced the barriers-to-entry for laboratories that want to respond to customers interested in advanced genetic testing of SNPs, insertions, deletions and STRs.

Because Kailos Genetics operates a testing laboratory, we have optimized both the testing technology and the associated information systems. These two components are seamlessly integrated and span the entire workflow, simplifying and streamlining the process of testing. Clinical laboratories can access these resources by providing samples under a reference lab agreement or purchasing materials and/or software to validate their own tests. If you are ready to begin expanding your test menu with your own tests, review our Products for reagents and cloud-based software solutions. Or, if you prefer to start with a low-risk reference approach, see our Reference Lab Services information.

The Kailos Genetics Approach

Work with Kailos Genetics Reference Lab to:

  • Develop Knowledge: Build an understanding of your customer’s needs
  • Lower Risk: Work with payers to determine requirements
  • Expanded Offering: Expand your offering with customized genetic reports

Then, transition to in-house testing by developing and validating tests unique to your laboratory through the use of TargetRich reagents and Kailos Blue Analytics & Reporting solutions.

The Kailos Genetics Next-Generation Sequencing Difference:

  1. Single-tube workflow that only requires a little over an hour of hands-on time
  2. Comprehensive laboratory information system that is tightly integrated with the workflow
  3. Leading-edge technology, including a growing catalogue of test panels as well as other applications including measurement occluding methylation
  4. Wide array of sample types possible from buccal swabs, blood and urine to FFPE tissues and even fingerprints
  5. Kailos Genetics will not compete against you for your customers

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