Kailos Blue

Kailos Blue

Analyzing the volume of raw data is one of the greatest hurdles to next-generation sequencing application in the clinical environment. Kailos Genetics has created a powerful analytics solution for sequencing. Kailos Blue, together with TargetRich reagents, forms the industry’s most complete, advanced solution for next generation sequencing (NGS) test development.

Kailos Blue Analytics provide sequencing quality assessment, alignment and variant calling producing a quality report and output formats suitable for use with a variety of reporting solutions.

Kailos Blue Reporting is an advanced solution for reporting next generation sequencing information to clinicians. Features such as front page color coded summaries, quality ratings and distinct data segmentation combine with customizable features to personalize the deliverable come together to produce a report that is unique to your laboratory.

Kailos Blue offers a revolutionary platform for analyzing and reporting next generation sequencing data. The scalable cloud-based system offers unlimited processing and storage capabilities while reducing staff and hardware requirements. By combining the TargetRich™ reagents with the Blue Analytics & Reporting platforms, your lab can rapidly develop a unique test menu in months, not years. Contact us today to learn more at partnering@kailosgenetics.com.

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