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The Kailos test is used to find out which types of genes you have in your body. If you have certain genes, it can mean you have a higher risk of getting a disease or passing a genetic condition on to your children. Also, it can mean certain prescription medicines may not work as well for you or could give you serious complications. The only way to know what genes you have is with a genetic test like the Kailos test.

Anyone who wants to learn about their genes should consider getting a Kailos test. In particular, people who are concerned about their health, people who have started or are considering taking certain prescription medicines, and people who are planning to have children or expecting a baby may benefit the most from a Kailos test.

To get a Kailos test, visit the online test catalog page and select the test you want to purchase. You can pay with your credit card. Your test kit should arrive in the mail in 3-5 business days.

Depending on the test you choose, pricing ranges between $149 to $299, a fraction of the price of other tests on the market.

The Kailos test uses advanced technology to look at your genes and discover which type you have. Taking the test is simple—you rub a cotton swab across the inside of your cheek. You don’t have to give blood and there are no needles involved. Learn exactly what’s involved on The Kailos Test page.

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