Five Reasons to Take a Hereditary Cancer Test

By troy Moore on June 2nd, 2020

You’ve seen it in the news. Or maybe you’ve heard about it from friends, family or your patients. Or maybe you have a loved one that was recently diagnosed with cancer. Hereditary cancer screening is at the forefront of medical technology and is revolutionizing healthcare by unlocking information coded in your genes. But is it something that would help you, your family or your patients? Below, we’ve compiled some common reasons people undergo hereditary cancer screening to help you determine whether or not screening is the right option for you.

I have a family history of cancer and would like to better understand my own cancer risk.

Hereditary cancer screening is an excellent option for individuals with a family history of cancer on one or both sides of their family. The hereditary cancer test analyzes variations you have in specific genes with an established link to cancer, and determines whether or not you have an increased risk of eventually developing cancer. In some cases, testing may reveal what type of cancer you are at an increased risk of developing, allowing healthcare providers to more efficiently screen you for earlier, more treatable stages of disease.

I am unsure of my family history of cancer and would like to know if I am at an increased risk for the disease.

Fortunately, hereditary cancer screening doesn’t require any prior knowledge of your family history of cancer to determine if you have an increased risk of developing the disease. Each hereditary cancer screening determines which gene variations you possess in the same panel of genes, and any variations that may increase your risk for cancer are reported to you and your physician.

I would like to provide my physician with specific cancer risk information to personalize and help guide my healthcare.

Regardless of family history, many individuals choose to test for hereditary cancer gene variations to facilitate a customized approach to their healthcare, ensuring that appropriate screening measures and procedures are performed at the proper time and frequency. Likewise, physicians order hereditary cancer screening panels for their patients to inform their treatment decisions and provide patients with the very best care.

If I am at an increased risk for cancer, I would like to make proactive lifestyle changes to decrease my risk.

Knowledge is power. Establishing your cancer risk before disease development gives you the opportunity to make lifestyle changes that could significantly impact your future quality of life.

I would like to better understand the risk of passing any potentially problematic gene variations on to my children.

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